The RheoMan Team


in order of appearance

Prof. Patrick CORDIER

Patrick CordierProfessor of Physics, Project leader of the Rheoman Project

Trained as a materials scientist, Patrick Cordier has worked mostly in the field of mineral physics. His research interests are related to the mechanical properties of solids with a special focus on dislocation theory. Specialist of transmission electron microscopy he has pioneered the application of Large Angle Convergent Beam Electron diffraction to defect characterization in minerals and now Precession Electron Diffraction. Since 1995, he has, with his students, elucidated the slip systems and dislocations of most high-pressure phases of the Earth’s mantle. For that purpose, he has developed and performed high-pressure deformation experiments in the multianvil apparatus (mostly using the large-scale facilities of the Bayerisches Geoinstitut). These experiments have also been applied to materials science studies (silicon, silicon carbide, quasicrystals). Recently, he has developed with Philippe Carrez and PhD students a new approach of plastic deformation under extreme pressure based on multiscale modeling which is the backbone of the RheoMan project. Patrick Cordier is vice-president of the International Mineralogical Association (IMA).

ResearcherID: D-2357-2012 - ORCID: 0000-0002-1883-2994



Prof. Philippe CARREZ

Philippe CarrezProfessor of Physics

Professor in the Mineral physics group since 2015, Philippe Carrez is in charge of the numerical modelling of dislocations in mineral phases. His researches focus on the atomic structure of dislocation cores, on the dislocation mobility and on dislocation interactions at the mesoscale. Together with Patrick Cordier, he is involved in the recent development of a multi-scale model of plasticity for mantle minerals in pressure and temperature conditions relevant of the Earth interiors.


Publications, students, detailled CV...:  Philippe Carrez's homepage at UMET



Dr. Karine GOURIET

Karine GourietAssistant professor

Karine Gouriet is a lecturer in Physics. Her research interests cover the numerical modeling of deep Earth mineral plasticity. Karine‘s main responsibility in RheoMan project is to investigate the plasticity of Mantle’s minerals like magnesium silicate perovskite.


Publications, students, detailled CV...:  Karine Gouriet's homepage at UMET




Dr. Pierre HIREL

Pierre HirelAssistant professor

After his PhD, defended in Poitiers in 2008 entitled « Study by atomic-scale simulations of the formation of dislocation loops from surface ledges in a metal under stress », Pierre Hirel has hold a Post-Doc position in Germany, in the Karlsruhe Institut für Technologie/Fraunhofer-IWM Freiburg. Among other subjects, he has studied planar and linear defects in perovskite materials (SrTiO3, BaTiO3...) using ab initio (code VESTA) and semi-empirical potentials (codes GULP, LAMMPS, DL_POLY) methods. Pierre Hirel joined the RheoMan team as a post-doc in november 2012 to study elementary climb mechanisms in MgSiO3 perovskite at the atomic scale. Pierre is now assistant professor position in the group, teaching physics in the physics department. Pierre also developps and distributes Atomsk, the swiss-army knife of atomistic simulation.




Dr. Alexandre MUSSI

Alexandre Mussi

Assistant professor

Alexandre Mussi is lecturer in the Mineral physics group. He uses transmission electron microscopy to identify the slip systems of the minerals deformed under mantle and subduction zone conditions. He joined the RheoMan project on january 2014 to develop electron tomography of dislocations in the TEM to study the plastic deformation mechanisms in olivine in relationship with numerical modeling.


Publications, students, detailled CV...: Alexandre Mussi's homepage at UMET




Billy Clitton NZOGANG

Billy NzogangPhD student

Physicist trained at the university of Yaoundé (Cameroun), Billy came to France to prepare his Master within a joined programme with the university of Orléans. His Master project prepared in CEMHTI (Conditions Extrêmes et matériaux : Haute Température et Irradiation) was devoted to the influence of texture on the infrared response of semi-transparent materials. Billy joined the RheoMan team in october 2015 to prepare his PhD project aiming at developing new methods using transmission electron microscopy to characterize dislocations and plasticity in connection with numerical models. This PhD grant is supported by the university of Lille.






Former members of the team


Dr. Francesca BOIOLI

Francesca Boioli

After her PhD prepared in the university of Milano Bicocca (Italy)  in Nanostructures and Nanotechnology entitled: "Dislocation modelling in SiGe nanostructures" Francesca joined the RheoMan team in march 2013 as a post-doc research associate to study at the mesoscopic scale the influence of climb on creep in olivine and some other high-pressure minerals. She moved to Lyon in august 2015 to join the team of D. Rodney at SIMAP.





Dr. Sebastian Arthur Willem RITTERBEX

 Sebastian Arthur Willem Ritterbex

After preparing a Bachelor Degree in Physics & Astronomy at the University of Utrecht (The Netherlands), Sebastian Ritterbex has obtained a Master Degree in Geophysics at the faculty of Earth Sciences at the University of Utrecht (Thesis Title: « The significance of grain size dependent composite solid-state flow in upper mantle dynamics »). Generally Sebastian is interested in the rheology of polycrystalline materials to obtain insight into the evolution and dynamics of terrestrial planets like the Earth. He has defended his PhD entitled "Modelling the plasticity of wadsleyite and ringwoodite : On the motion of dislocations in the Earth's transition zone" on june 3rd, 2016. Sebastian has moved to Japan to join the team of T. Tsuchiya at Ehime University


Present address:
Geodynamics Research Center
Ehime University
2-5 Bunkyo-cho, Matsuyama
Ehime 790-8577 Japan
Email: ritterbex (at)



Dr. Antoine KRAYCH

Antoine Kraych

Trained as a physicists at the university of Lille, Antoine Kraych has prepared his Master (Physics – special field: Materials Science) in our group before starting his PhD project in september 2012. Antoine has defended his PhD entitled "Modélisation à l'échelle atomique du rôle des dislocations dans la déformation de la bridgmanite" on june 20th, 2016. Antoine is now at the Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique, working on the breakdown of Schmid law in bcc metals.




Dr. Alexandra GORYAEVA

Alexandra Goryaeva


Trained as crystallographer, Alexandra graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University with the Master Degree entitled “Atomistic simulations of mixing properties and the local structure of the (Ca, Sr)10[PO4]6F2 solid solution” and with the Bachelor Degree entitled “Ab initio and atomistic computer modeling of the ZrO2 and HfO2 polymorphs and their solid solutions”. Alexandra Goryaeva joined the Rheoman team in september 2013 to study dislocations and plasticity in MgSiO3 post-perovskite using the multiscale modeling approach. She has defended her PhD on december 6th 2016. Then she worked at MATEIS (Lyon, France) with C. Fusco, M. Bugnet and Jonathan Amodeo on modeling defective surfaces of metallic nanoparticles using MD simulations before joining the CEA.





Dr Xiao-Yu SUN

Xiaoyu SunPost-Doc

Xiaoyu Sun has defended a Ph.D. at the Tsinghua University (China) in Mechanics entitled: "Surface/Interface effects on mechanical properties of nanomaterials". During his PhD, he used large–scale molecular dynamics (MD) simulations to investigate the phase transition of metal nanowire, scaling laws of nanoporous material and the failure mechanism of bicontinuous nanocomposites. He is generally interested in theoretical analyses and computer simulations on discovering the fundamental molecular mechanisms of nanomaterials. Xiaoyu Sun joined the RheoMan team in october 2014 to model disclinations making a crossover betwwen atomistic and continueous fields modeling. Xiao-Yu is presently Chief Engineer of Dept. of Research & Innovation (Shenzhen Institute of building research co., LTD).





Simon Thilliez

Undergraduate Student

Student at the IUT A of Lille, at the Physical Measurement department, Simon specialized in materials science following the class “materials and physical/chemical analyses of products”. His project deals with the study of plastic deformation of ringwoodite and wadsleyite in the transition zone conditions, studying orientation maps obtained with a transmission electron microscope.



Dr. Srinivasan MAHENDRAN

Srinivasan MahendranPhD student

After completion of his Master in Computational Materials Science at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Srinivasan joined the team to prepare his PhD on the modeling of dislocations in mantle minerals at the atomic scale. He joined the RheoMan team in january 2015 to start his PhD on numerical modeling of dislocation properties in olivine (forsterite) Mg2SiO4.






Dr. Riccardo REALI

Riccardo RealiPhD student

Riccardo is a Geologist specialised in experimental mineralogy mainly on lower mantle phases, especially diamond and ferro-periclase. At the University of Padova (Italy) he has developed skills in single crystal X-ray diffraction crystallography and studied the structure of ferro-periclase in diamond-related inclusions still under pressure (i.e. residual pressure) in order to obtain the pressure of formation of the diamond-inclusion pair. He joined the RheoMan team in october 2014 to start his PhD.






Danièle DUVEAU

Danièle Duveau

Administrative assistant (Physics Department-Université Lille1)

Danièle Duveau is in charge of the financial management (budget, orders, and travel) of the RheoMan project in connection with the Service d'Activités Industrielles et Commerciales (SAIC) of the University of Lille 1 which hosts the project.