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UMET - Raman spectroscopy

Raman spectrometers and sample environments

XY Dilor Raman spectrometer

It is a high dispersive Raman spectrometer composed of 3 gratings, making it possible the rejection of the elastic scattered light below 5 cm-1. Two exciting lines (514.5 and 632.8 nm) emitted by the Coherent laser source can be used, providing high spectral resolution of 2 and 1 cm-1 respectively. This device is well suited for analyzing low-frequency excitations in amorphous or highly disordered states (vibrational density of states, boson peak, β-fast relaxationnal motions) or lattice modes in crystalline states distinctive of polymorphisms.

Typical investigations: analysis of phase transformation mechanisms, devitrification mechanisms, rapid transformation kinetics, discrimination of nano/micro crystallinity from the amorphous state in samples of several cm3-size.

In Via Renishaw micro-spectrometer

It is composed of 1 gratting, providing intense Raman signal in the 15 – 2000 cm-1 spectral range, well suited for micro-analyzes and mapping of heterogeneous systems. It is equipped of two laser sources (514.5 and 785 nm).

Typical investigations: mapping of multicomponent systems (solid dispersions, confined materials,…) – in-situ monitoring of biomaterials during freeze-drying or dehydration kinetics – analysis of rapid phase transformation and mapping during any type of phase transformation

Sample environment for spectrometers

  • Temperature : 80 K – 800 K
  • High-pressure : Patm – 20 GPa
  • Temperature – high-pressure
  • RH controlled in the 25 – 50 °C temperature range
XY DILOR Spectrometer
XY DILOR Spectrometer
In Via Renishaw micro-spectrometer
In Via Renishaw micro-spectrometer
RH device
RH device
FDCS196(P–T) linkam device
FDCS196(P–T) linkam device
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