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UMET - Fatigue damage


Fatigue of materials is a process in which repetitive application of loads of mechanical, thermal, magnetic origin … modifies physical, structural, mechanical properties… and the ultimate stage is the fracture of the material.

Research on fatigue of materials started when the Physical Metallurgy Lab was established. The objective of the research is to understand the response of a material to cyclic loading taking into account environment effects from deep analysis of the microstructure by advanced microscopies.

We are motivated in the understanding of cyclic accommodation phenomena and crack initiation mechanisms, and to a less extent bulk cracking mechanisms.

The research lines cover:

Equipments   >

Development of specific experiments   >

Methodology and experimental procedure of a research plan   >

Low cycle fatigue of a Cu-Ni-Si alloy   >

Low cycle fatigue of Fe3Si steel   >

Mechanisms of intrusions nucleation and short crack initiation in a martensitic steel   >

Fatigue crack propagation mechanism in a martensitic steel in presence of a liquid metal (Pb-Bi)   >

Mechanisms of fatigue cracking in a bi-metallic material (steel –Ni3B)   >

Leader and contact: Jean-Bernard VOGT (PR)

Contributors: Jérémie BOUQUEREL (MCF), Ingrid PRORIOL SERRE (CR), Jocelyn GOLEK (IE), Damien CRETON (Tech.)

The gained knowledge in this research field have been shared with our PhD collaborators:

Mahira ARAÚJO, Gulzar SEIDAMETOVA, Maxime DELBOVE, Carla CARLE, Claire SCHAYES, Abderrazak DAOUD, Floriane LEAUX, Hélène BULTEL, Daniel SALAZAR, Stéphanie BROCHET, Arnaud VERLEENE, José Balbino LEON SOSA Karen MASSOL, Sylvie ARGILLIER, Olivier BOUSSAC, Catherine BIGEON

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