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Unité Matériaux et Transformations
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UMET - Polymer systems engineering

Polymer systems engineering


Synthesis and properties of well-defined polymers using Controlled Radical polymerizations such as ATRP and RAFT

People: David Fournier, Patrice Woisel

Our team deals with the design and the synthesis of monomers, polymerization initiators and chain transfer agents with specific functionalities. For instance, electrochemical probes, supramolecular recognition groups or other functional group allowing for easy post-functionalization of polymers (concept of Click Chemistry) can be anchored to these building blocks.


Controlled Radical Polymerization techniques

(ATRP, RAFT) are widely used in the laboratory to synthesize (co)polymers with well-defined architectures and composition (chain length, PDI, functionality,...). We are currently synthesizing tunable "Plug and Play" water soluble polymers, by combining switchable functionalized polymers and supramolecular chemistry.

Moreover, polymer post-modification is also widely developped within the team using among other strategies, the concept of Click Chemistry. Both end-chain or side-chain polymer modifications are carried out leading to "smart" micelles encapsulation/release) or hydrogels with excellent properties.

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