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UMET - Polymer systems engineering

Polymer systems engineering


Supramolecular Chimistry or the design of stimulable self-assembled polymers

People: Patrice Woisel, David Fournier, Joël Lyskawa

This topic, developed within "Systèmes Polymères Fonctionnels" team, is based on the specificity and reversibility of host/guest molecular interactions in order to build tunable "plug and play" polymer systems. These fonctionalized polymers, synthesized via Controlled Radical Polymerizations (CRP), allows for the design of well-defined macromolecular assemblies, by playing with the nature of supramolecular interactions.

Supramolecular Chimistry

Depending of the robustess of the complexes, new multi-stimulable macromolecular assemblies are synthesized. Moreover, these supramolecular polymers can be reversibly and easily disassembled by applying external stimuli such as electrochemistry, temperature, pH, …

For instance, this interesting supramolecular approach led to the elaboration of micellar systems (smart micelles) able to encapsulate and leach out drugs.

Supramolecular Chimistry
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